Welcome to Kings Music Studio!


Janine King brings a style of playfulness and fun to learning an instrument: piano, guitar, violin, ukulele. She teaches with a revolutionary, creative approach, using music games designed to supplement the curriculum. Exciting songs teach step by step progression of leaning. Janine encourages students to compose their own songs. Solos are recorded and shared with family and friends through the internet. Kings Music is presently accepting students at this time.


Janine King has published several Christian songs that will soon be available for purchase. These are singles or on Cd’s with accompanying written music.


Kings Music Studio has produced learning games to teach music theory and rhythm. Janine uses mind stimulating games to teach: 1) rhythms, 2) note value, 3) note name and relationship, 4) piano key location. Nonmusical parents or others may easily learn note placement on a staff and rhythms using the games.

Joke of the Week

Why was the guitar mad?
He was tired of being picked on.