Music and Fun Join as One!

Piano Music Mania!

Rhythm Rolling Home

Available for purchase soon!

What an innovative way to teach piano!


Music Major in college

What a fun way for students to learn!


Piano Teacher

Piano Music Mania is a competitive game!

I learned the “Fir Elise” but never learned the individual note values.  I just would play what I heard my teacher play.  Rhythm Rolling Home would teach me the rhythm of each note.

Melissa and Raianna were Mother and Daughter.  Raianna had the red shirt on.  Raianna said,”I use my hands to play the piano, and I want to move the pieces, not to play an electronic piano game.”
Melissa stated, “Piano Music Mania! is a fun interactive game that teaches me piano.”
Janine was invited to participate at Kinnektor, proudly displaying her two new games, “Piano Music Mania!” and Rhythm Rolling Home” at the King’s Music Studio booth.
Kinnektor took place at Lambau Field, Green Bay Tuesday and Wednesday, 10/17 and 10/18.