Janine King matches the music learning material to each individual’s needs. She uses several
curriculums for piano: Faber and Faber, Hal Leonard, and Alfred from beginning primers to advanced
lesson books and theory. Lessons are spiced up with popular books to spark the student’s interest in:
jazz, Christian music, light rock, classics, and other styles of music. Music games strengthen students
note memory skills and theory comprehension.

Mrs. King encourages students to choose a musical piece to perfect so that she may record them at the
studio and share by e-mail the recording with friends and family through the internet. King’s Music
Studio also gives back to the community by playing concerts and performing at the Omro Care Center to
share the children’s talents with the elderly.

Piano, guitar, violin, and ukulele lessons are taught every day of the week. The first lesson is FREE for
all NEW students. Family members or 2 friends may share a lesson. Please find the details below.
 Individual 30 min. lessons are $18/lesson. Two family members with 30 min. each, are
 Parent and child 40 min. lessons will be $24/lesson.
 Shared piano lessons for 40 minutes for 2 children of different families, $15/lesson each family.
 Shared piano lessons for 40 minutes for 2 members of the same family, $24/lesson per family

Janine King is a creator of learning games that supplement the learning objectives taught in the lesson
books and popular books. She uses these learning games to teach music concepts in a different manor.
Rather than the dry-boring flashcard memorize- your –note- style of learning, she uses engaging fun
games that teach important music concepts.