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Janine King has been teaching musical instruments for over 20 years. Instructing students from age six to adult, she teaches piano, guitar, ukulele, and violin.  Janine has created the Music Mania Games set that teaches music foundation skills.


Janine King uses a learning style and curriculum that fits a student’s needs. She teaches in an innovative style of gamification and learning activities that enrich the lessons and music skills. Janine King is the creator of the Music Mania Games. These games teach the foundation music skills needed to read note location on the music staff and on the musical instruments that she teaches.

The Music Mania Games set has 4 music learning games. People who do not read music will begin to understand basic music theory and develop more advanced music skills. By playing the games from level 1 to level 4, the players learn necessary music facts and skills competing with pawns, or turtles, frogs, and flies! 

Check out the Music Mania Games under the “Shop” section.

The composition of music is offered to the second year or more advanced students. Students may create their own music. Mrs. King uses software to professionally print their songs.

Mrs. King's music students enjoy sharing music with the community. Besides a traditional Christmas concert, they also play in the local assisted living homes.


String instruments
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Piano or Keyboard Instruction!

Piano instruction is for youth ages 6 through adult. The music is matched to a student’s interest and ability level. The Music Mania Games and popular books like Disney  supplement instruction.


Ukulele Chording Fun!

Lessons start at age 6 to adult.

The curriculum is built to match a student’s needs and learning style. The Music Mania Games enrich the instruction of chording  and notes.



Violin Instruction!

Violin students usually start at age 8 to adult. Finger placement on the violin  is marked for beginners. The student learns the notes on the music staff with the violin curriculum which is supplemented with the

Music Mania Games.  



Strummin' and Finger Pickin' Fun!

The guitar is offered to students age 8 through adults. Young beginners begin with a youth size guitar. Older youth and adults may use classical, folk, or electric guitar. “Essential Elements” is a favorite curriculum, enriched with the Music Mania Games. 


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